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Who is Visiting your GGN Free Website?

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

greeter statistics

GGN free website stats

Web Stats for your GGN free website

So there you are, looking at your booking requests and thinking, "What traffic is my GGN free website getting?" A good question, one posses recently by one of our destination manages. We decided to implement some solutions so destination managers are aware of what is happening on their website...

What are Website Statistics?

Web Stats are log files that measure the behaviour of your visitors to your website and track details of your website. This can be a powerful and useful tool for businesses as it measures and quantifiable part of the site working towards better understanding your website's traffic flow.

Pointing out which landing pages most effectively encourage people to make a booking can be handy. Website statistics can show trends in how users behave, for example when you have made changes to your site, or the effectiveness of adding new menus and pages or blogs.

GGN free website greeter statistics


GGN free website example of greeter web statistics

What is new?

You will find a new menu item in the left hand side of the WordPress menu under "Greeters" called "Statistic". If you see this then don't be shy and just click on it. You will find a world of information at your fingertips such as a quick overview of your site's performance in terms of visitor numbers, from which search engines these visitors came and much more. Please note that you have to give it a view days so it can analyse what happened on your site...

Not to be outdone, there is also a full timeline with visitor data as well the search words or phrases your visitors used to find your site. See below...

There you go... You are now ready to start collecting some data from your visitors and learn who they are (generically speaking) and what they are up to whilst visiting your free Global Greeter website.

Want to help out?

Great! Any little bit helps and all of your contribution will go to further developing your website...

Alternatively, you can help in other ways...