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start greetersOften a new Greeter destination is started after a visitor (you?) experienced a Greet themselves. And this could be a great thing to do in their own city. They want to get out there and contribute whilst having fun. In other words, they want to Make the world a better place; one Greet at the time...

Sometimes destinations are set up by marketing organisations that are paid and tasked to promote a specific city in order to increase tourism (city marketeers we call them). These destinations are headed by local council where paid staff is managing the Greeter concept on a generous budget. And they are welcome to join, please fill out the form!

We suspect that these staff and budgets are not available to most of you? This doesn't matter. The Greeter concept will always be driven by grass-root involvement so we are here to help and make that happen for you. All you need is enthusiasm! Simple. The rest will fall into place...


Next steps

We ask you to take some very basic and simple steps. Nothing complicated, and remember we are here to help you!

  1. Register your interest.
    Simply fill in this form and you are on your way.
  2. Agree to and understand our "Core Values".
    It is important that you understands the Greeter Promise as this standardises the Greeter experience at a high level
  3. Set up a website.
    Are you a web guru then your fine, you can create your own website.
    If you are not we have a solution: we create you a FREE website that is ready made and available in 9 languages. All you need to do (with our help) is upload some photos and 
    edit some text.
  4. Get you crew together
    This may be as simple as recruiting friends from your book club, family or approaching people that have drive and enthusiasm for their town. And we have some tips and tricks to help you!
  5. Get your Greeters on your system.
    Now it is time to register your own Greeters. Easy, your new free website will accommodate this.
    Depending on the size of your city, town or area, we recommend that you get some people together as this will make things much easier and much more fun.
  6. Go life!
    Now that you are ready, we can add you to the Global Greeter website so visitors can find your town. Mind you, there is nothing stopping you from promoting your town yourself.
  7. Manage your Greet request.
    Your website will spring into action. Request will flow in and are automatically matched with the most appropriate Greeter. The system basically manages this for you.
  8. Start Greeting (the fun part).
    Now it is time to get out there and have fun and Make the world a better place; one Greet at the time...

Find it difficult to get going or if you have any questions then why not leave a comment below...


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