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Some Destination Managers requested that it would be great if we could introduce a new "Meet our Greeters" page for the local GGN websites. A page that simply shows a list of local Greeters with a photo, a short bio and the Greeters interests; so we did just that...

Before we explain how to activate your "Meet our Greeters" page, it is important to know that the Global Greeter Network does not encourage booking specific Greeters. The system is designed for visitors to book a Greet. It then finds the most appropriate match.

The big advantage of having a "Meet our Greeters" page is that visitors will be able to recognise the Greeter which often makes it easier to hook up.

So, lets have a look at what we did...

After you log into your administration area (Greeters >> Settings >> General) you will find a new function that says "Bio page".

GGN Meet our Greeters 1

The function is turned off by default so you will have some time to collect and/or organise for Greeters to get their photo and bio on the system. To do this, you, or the Greeter, simply logs into the Greeter profile (Greeters >> Manage Greeters >> All Greeters) and make sure that:

  1. There is a photo uploaded, and
  2. A small biography of the Greeter is entered.


Make sure that Greeters are aware that the information they enter here will be public information so don't enter your personal address, phone number, DOB, email or any other "personal" information.

We also will display the name and interests of the Greeter. These snippets of information are already on the Greeter's profile.

Make sure you click the "Save" button when done!

After you check that all Greeters profiles are up to date, you can go life with your "Meet our Greeters" page.

You simply click "Yes" on the radio button in figure 1 above and save.

This will result in 2 things:

  1. Your page will now be visible in the top menu of your website, and
  2. Your page will be accessible on the Net.


You will notice that the photo, the name, the bio and the interests are taken from the Greeters profile and rendered on this page. You will also notice that if a photo is missing, we will simply render a anonymous avatar. So it pays to get all Greeters to submit their photo and bio, and have the rest of their profile up to date before enabling the "Meet our Greeters" page...

So good luck with it.

Remember, we are always keen to hear from you on how we can improve our services to local Destination Managers and Greeters. After all, we all want to make the world a better place; one Greet at the time...

The GGN Team

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