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Manual Feedback Functionality

Your GGN website already has a fully automated feedback function. Your visitors are emailed an invitation at the completion of the Greet to leave some feedback. The Destination Manager (DM) then receives this feedback for approval and automated publishing to the local website.

This is a great feature but some DMs have suggested that on top of the automated feedback function, there is a need to introduce a manual feedback function. This may be handy where:

  • The visitor sent their feedback directly to the Greeter, or
  • The visitor sent their feedback through the local contact form, or
  • The visitor's email did not receive the automated feedback request, or
  • Feedback is required for older Greets not on the system, or
  • You have a Greet outside the system, or
  • Any other situation that may warrens a manual action.

We do not want to miss out on valuable feedback so we solved this by giving the local administrator the opportunity to add feedback from visitors manually; all very easy!

The DM will receive an email notifying them that a new manual feedback was submitted.

The DM then deals with the request by either publishing the feedback or deleting it. Note that published feedback can later be "un-published" if required.

The DM can also click on the "Add Manual Feedback" button so they can input the feedback manually; for example, where the Visitor emailed the feedback directly.

You have the opportunity to add the manual feedback form to your local menu at the top of your website. For more information on this please consult your User Manual.

So try it out and let us know what you think...

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