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Feedback Notification

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We are always happy, in fact delighted,  to look at suggestions from Destination Managers (DMs), Greeters and Visitors to improve our turnkey website.

Some DMs whilst approving feedback were also manually emailing the Greeter in question to let them know they had another happy Visitor.

This is now fully automated.

As soon as the DM approves feedback:

  • It is published on the local site's testimonial page, and
  • The Greeter will receive an email notifying them that they received feedback.

The email the Greeter receives is relatively simple and to-the -point.

Hi [greeter_name],

There is a new testimonial from [visitor_name] about a Greet you conducted recently.

You can find it here: [testimonial_page]testimonial[/testimonial_page]

The Global Greeter Greeters Team

The Greeter will receive the email, click on the link and reads the feedback on the dedicated testimonial page.


If you would like to customise the message then that is also possible.

First go to Greeters >> Notifications

GGN Greer Feedback Notification

Then find the Finalisation tab and click it.

GGN Feedback Finalisation

Then scroll down to where you find the message "Feedback to Greeter". There you can customise the message using free text and some shortcodes provided.


  • [greeter_name] Greeter Name
  • [visitor_name] Visitor’s name
  • [testimonial_page][/testimonial_page] Link to testimonial page