Global Greeter Network

FAQ’s on getting started

  • Is there an annual fee to be part of the Global Greeter Network?
    No, there is no fee. Once your website is online you will have your own page on this website.


  • Why would I choose for the free website?
    Well, there is a bunch of reasons we think. Just some examples are:

    • It is really for free
    • The website has an automatic matching system that will connect visitors to the most suitable Greeter; based on availability – languages spoken by visitor & Greeter and areas of interest. Manually matching will cost you too much time that you wouldn’t like to spend this way
    • There are app. 100 destinations using the same website, it has proven it’s liability
    • You would be up and running in days if you want
    • You can edit all pictures, texts, etc.
    • The website is available in 9 languages


  • Do I need to use this free website?
    No, you can also build your own website. Just follow the requirements we ask new destinations to follow. You will find the requirements on this page.


  • Do you offer any other way of support in the process of getting started?
    Yes, our back office will help you where you need help. Our volunteers are very much willing to assist you and answer your questions about (e.g.)

    • How to find more Greeters?
    • How to get more visitors?
    • What type of organization would suit us best?
    • How are visitors know about us?


  • If I have any other questions, whom do I turn to?
    If you fill out the form New Destination Info Request you will find a box for commends – questions. Ask away and we will get back to you!