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Question: Can I book a Greeter through the GGN's website?
Answer: No

All requests for Greets need to go through the local destination. This site will show you where these destinations are and provide links to their website. It is on the local site that you can request a Greet. You can find destinations either by looking at the map or by sorting through countries in a list.


Question: Can I start my own Greeter organisation?
Answer: Yes you can!

The  worldwide organisation of Greeter destinations is very happy to accept new members. In fact we have great expectations about the number of destinations around the world. At the beginning of 2016 we are/were just over 100 members and we expect to be around 200 by the end of 2016! If you are interested in starting your own local Greeter organisation, feel free to fill out the information form and we will get back to you with information that will get you started real easy!


Question: Can a governmental organisation become a member?
Answer: Yes, absolutely!

Many of our local Greeter organisations are supported by local governmental organisations. Often the local tourist board takes initiative and creates the infrastructure for the Greeters.
We do ask governmental organisations to follow the same requirements to become a member as we ask individuals. You can find our sign up form here.


Question: How can I find a Greeter organisation?
Answer: We made it easy on you.

You can use the top menu (Find a destination) or simply
Search by map
Search by country


Question: Is there a membership fee to the Global Greeter Network?
Answer: No there is not.

At this moment all activities are ‘ in-kind’. This means volunteers support the concept in various ways. There is a real possibility that at some point in time the Global Greeter Network will need a back office. However the goal would be to find financial support from third parties such as corporate partners and sponsors that share our vision.


Question: Can I get involved?
Answer: Yes.

You can either start your own Greeter destination or you can assist the GGN Foundation with all sorts of tasks ranging from forum moderator or newsletter editor to social media coordinator or fundraiser. There is also the opportunity to sit on the GGN Advisory Committee as a representative of the Greeter community.

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  1. Elena Wise-LeGris says:

    I love the Global Greeter idea and would like to become involved after I retire next year. I live in Long Beach, California.

    Thank you!

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