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Sorel-Tracy Greeters

Are you visiting Sorel-Tracy Region?

It is a wonderful region to discover!

Located where the St. Lawrence River and the Richelieu and Yamaska rivers meet, the Sorel-Tracy region opens its doors to the world biosphere reserve on Lac-Saint-Pierre.

Come experience a warm welcome from a Sorel-Tracy Greeters! The Greeters of the Sorel-Tracy region will show you the highlights of the region in 2-3 hours. They will show you and speak to you in an unusual, original, and personal way about their corner, their culture, their neighborhood, their region, and their passions. They will ensure that you will have a memorable experience.

Even if you already live in Sorel-Tracy region or if you are travelling with your family, your friends or people travelling solo – It will be a truly enriching experience!