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About Montreal Greeters

Montreal Greeters

Coming here for a holiday, on business, to study or are you moving to Montreal? It doesn’t matter, everybody is welcome to book a Greeter for a unique experience!

We believe that the best way to know our city is though the eyes of a local and we want to share with you what we love so much about Montreal. We’ll show you our neighbourhoods, our favourite places, cafés... We are volunteers and Greeters in our free time.

Bilingual and multicultural, the city has a vibrant energy and creativity is on every street corner. We are known for our impressive numbers of festivals running throughout the year whether it’s + 40 or – 40 °C…. Indeed, our hands might be cold in wintertime but our hearts are filled with warmth and love especially when it comes to share a special moment with you !

We don’t work for city administration or any company – every Greet you get is an independent citizen’s point of view. We can’t wait to walk you through the city. So do not miss a great opportunity and apply to meet with a Montreal Greeter!

Picture by Adeline de Oliveira