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Hoegaarden Greeters

Hoegaarden, the village of Beer, nature and heritage.

Hoegaarden, one of the smallest municipalities in Flanders , is a unique experience for every visitor.

Our Hoegaarden Beer is famous of course, and in the 18th century we had 40 breweries because we had it all: corn fields, 100+ water sources, wood to heat the brew kettles .... Hoegaarden was THE beer village of Belgium!

But there is so much more to experience in Hoegaarden. Nature lovers can make beautiful walks in the Hoegaarden Gardens or enjoy our natural and agricultural landscape. Our buildings, churches, chapels, farms and breweries are witnesses of a rich past. The Hoegaarden church is the largest rococo church in Belgium!

A ‘must do experience’ in Hoegaarden is Palm Sunday with its ancient processional. Since 1631, the Sunday before Easter the society of the 12 apostles carry around the medieval palm donkey.

Our greeters will tell you about Hoegaarden and her smaller townships . They know the best places to visit and the best local pub to taste your beer.Hoegaarden, the village of Beer, nature and heritage.