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GGN City Highlights

After some feedback we received we decided to expend the carousel functionality. The standard carousel can be found on the front page of all local sites displaying some favourite photos of your city as shown below...

Global Greeter Network Carousel

Some Destination Managers suggested that it would be good to expend on this by introducing a dedicated page where they can really boast about what is great and unique about their city; so here is what we did...

The carousel will still show the same photos and titles similar to what you can see above. However, in the back-end of your site you can now also add contents. Ie, a description of the photo. This contents doesn't affect the carousel itself but is used in a dedicated "Highlights" page where the photo and title are complimented by this description.

To use this new feature, first enable it on the Settings tab (Greeters >> Settings >> General) and make sure that this new function is enabled and that you save your changes.

GGN enable city highlights

As soon as you enable it (and click save), the page option will appear in your top menu under About Your-City >> Highlights.

GGN highlights

You can then go to the carousel in the back-end of your site and start filling in some of the actual highlights of your city by entering a title, uploading a photo and providing a description of the city's highlight.

GGN back-end

Don't forget to save!

Your site should then look a little like this:

GGN highlights front-end

So go for it... Add some great photos and descriptions so visitors are excited about your city even before they get there.


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