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How ssl certificates works

Monday, November 13th, 2017

How ssl certs works

We received some feedback from destination managers about the privacy of data whilst using our forms.

Although this was highlighted internally for some time, we decided that there is no time like the present.

So we finally installed a server wide SSL certificate.

What was the problem?

When you enter information on a website, the information is sent through the (phone)line to the server where the form is processed.

Whilst the data you entered is on its way between your computer and the server it is vulnerable to interception. Ie, there are people that will try to grab your data and use it for whatever illicit reason. This can be very harmful when using your credit card to pay for things online.

Although we do not have any information that is that sensitive, we do ask for personal information in some of the application forms such as DOB, gender, emails etc... It is therefore important to safeguard that information.

What is the solution?

By installing an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, we can ensure that data is protected when it travels between your computer to our server. SSL works by using a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data. One key is already in your browser and the other is installed on our server.

What does it mean to me?

In essence, it means that the data you type into the forms on is secure.

GGN secure site ssl


Any questions or comments? Use the below comment box and we get back to you!


Start a Greeter destination

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

start greetersOften a new Greeter destination is started after a visitor (you?) experienced a Greet themselves. And this could be a great thing to do in their own city. They want to get out there and contribute whilst having fun. In other words, they want to Make the world a better place; one Greet at the time...

Sometimes destinations are set up by marketing organisations that are paid and tasked to promote a specific city in order to increase tourism (city marketeers we call them). These destinations are headed by local council where paid staff is managing the Greeter concept on a generous budget. And they are welcome to join, please fill out the form!

We suspect that these staff and budgets are not available to most of you? This doesn't matter. The Greeter concept will always be driven by grass-root involvement so we are here to help and make that happen for you. All you need is enthusiasm! Simple. The rest will fall into place...


Next steps

We ask you to take some very basic and simple steps. Nothing complicated, and remember we are here to help you!

  1. Register your interest.
    Simply fill in this form and you are on your way.
  2. Agree to and understand our "Core Values".
    It is important that you understands the Greeter Promise as this standardises the Greeter experience at a high level
  3. Set up a website.
    Are you a web guru then your fine, you can create your own website.
    If you are not we have a solution: we create you a FREE website that is ready made and available in 9 languages. All you need to do (with our help) is upload some photos and 
    edit some text.
  4. Get you crew together
    This may be as simple as recruiting friends from your book club, family or approaching people that have drive and enthusiasm for their town. And we have some tips and tricks to help you!
  5. Get your Greeters on your system.
    Now it is time to register your own Greeters. Easy, your new free website will accommodate this.
    Depending on the size of your city, town or area, we recommend that you get some people together as this will make things much easier and much more fun.
  6. Go life!
    Now that you are ready, we can add you to the Global Greeter website so visitors can find your town. Mind you, there is nothing stopping you from promoting your town yourself.
  7. Manage your Greet request.
    Your website will spring into action. Request will flow in and are automatically matched with the most appropriate Greeter. The system basically manages this for you.
  8. Start Greeting (the fun part).
    Now it is time to get out there and have fun and Make the world a better place; one Greet at the time...

Find it difficult to get going or if you have any questions then why not leave a comment below...


Moving Forward

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

GGN moving forward

What is going on with the Global Greeter Network?
Two websites??? Proposed annual fees???

We really need to share how we feel about where the Greeter concept stands at the moment and where the concept is growing towards. And with a new voting ahead, are you ready for major changes such as:

  • an annual fee per destination
  • more influence to city marketeers
  • more influence to the big cities
  • less understanding of small city issues
  • minority decisions that affect all destinations

What are your suggestions to move forward? We need to share where you see the Greeter concept in the future. Please let us know below what you think...

Gender: to ask, or not to ask?

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

gender equalityAfter receiving some feedback from several Destination Managers, Greeters and Visitors, the issue of Gender in the context of data collection was raised again.

As you know, we ask for gender in our forms including the "Book a Greeter" and "Become a Greeter" forms.

To start with, let me tell you that one of my pet hates is finding a question in any form for which the answer is irrelevant or not utilised for some analysis or functionality. If you do not use the data; DON'T ASK THE QUESTION!

So why do we currently ask Visitors and Greeters to disclose their gender?

Cultural Diversity

The Greeter concept is Global and covers continents and countries with diverse cultural backgrounds. In Western societies, it is no longer relevant to ask for things like age, gender, religious believes or anything else that is in essence private and has no barring on the performance of the individual. In Western culture, gender is irrelevant.

In other cultures, gender still plays a big role in the day-to-day live of many. We may disagree with this fact based on our own believes but this may be seen as being cultural insensitivity. For example, a female Visitor may prefer a stroll with somebody of the same gender because it make her more comfortable or it is a social moray she wants (or must) to follow. The destination may find this inconsistent with their own cultural believes as the gender of the Greeter will have no bearing on the performance of the Greeter and the destination may be correct in saying that. However, the intended "inclusive" approach may in fact have the opposite effect as often the female visitor will withdraw from the process thereby excluding her from the Greeter experience. So the question is then; how can we best influence others and make the world a better place? Clearly by being inclusive and by one Greet at the time... So the current system can, where requested, match Visitors with Greeters of a specific Gender in a very pragmatic approach.

Knowing our membership

A secondary reason to ask for gender may be to better understand our membership. This is data used holistically without disclosing any individual's gender.

For example:

  • it may be important to know that 65% of visitors are male. This may be important to third parties that may offer goods and services to our membership. For example, if a travel bag manufacturer whats to offer a 50% discount on one of its men's shoulder bags then they would like to know if this approach will reach their target market.
  • we may find that our membership only has 8% female Greeters. This poses the question "why?" and allows us to investigate the reasons and instigate strategies to counter this imbalance

But be assured that this is holistic data. Personal gender specific data will never be passed on to any third parties or used for any other reason.

The gender issue also has a second tier...

If we decide to include the gender data in our functionality for the reasons explained above, then is asking the binary question of male / female enough?

Particularly in modern Western culture, recognition of diversity and the drive to be inclusive has led to questions about gender that have taken on a different look. It is now common to see choices like:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Trans man
  • Trans woman
  • Gender fluid
  • Other

But we need to return to the original idea of "if you do not use the data, then do not ask for it.

Possible solutions

One of the compromises we can implement is simply to add one other option to the question of gender. This may simply be "Rather not say" or something like this:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Rather not say

But we are just the administrators implementing your views so let us know what you think!

Quick Survey

Start the discussion below...


Who is Visiting your GGN Free Website?

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

greeter statistics

GGN free website stats

Web Stats for your GGN free website

So there you are, looking at your booking requests and thinking, "What traffic is my GGN free website getting?" A good question, one posses recently by one of our destination manages. We decided to implement some solutions so destination managers are aware of what is happening on their website...

What are Website Statistics?

Web Stats are log files that measure the behaviour of your visitors to your website and track details of your website. This can be a powerful and useful tool for businesses as it measures and quantifiable part of the site working towards better understanding your website's traffic flow.

Pointing out which landing pages most effectively encourage people to make a booking can be handy. Website statistics can show trends in how users behave, for example when you have made changes to your site, or the effectiveness of adding new menus and pages or blogs.

GGN free website greeter statistics


GGN free website example of greeter web statistics

What is new?

You will find a new menu item in the left hand side of the WordPress menu under "Greeters" called "Statistic". If you see this then don't be shy and just click on it. You will find a world of information at your fingertips such as a quick overview of your site's performance in terms of visitor numbers, from which search engines these visitors came and much more. Please note that you have to give it a view days so it can analyse what happened on your site...

Not to be outdone, there is also a full timeline with visitor data as well the search words or phrases your visitors used to find your site. See below...

There you go... You are now ready to start collecting some data from your visitors and learn who they are (generically speaking) and what they are up to whilst visiting your free Global Greeter website.

Want to help out?

Great! Any little bit helps and all of your contribution will go to further developing your website...

Alternatively, you can help in other ways...

Local Greeter Website User Manual

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

The local GGN website user manual is a quick reference that allows you to quickly get familiar with your local website's functionalities and how you can manage your website.


Version 0 - 5/30/00

  • User’s Manual Template and Checklist

Version 1 - 2016-03-04

  • General update

Version 2 - 2016-08-25

  • Section changed
  • How to update your site (chapter 8)
  • Remind me later

Version 3 - 2016-10-19

  • Section changed
  • Add a page to the menu
  • About your Greeter city in the main structure of the website (chapter 9)

Version 4 - 2017-03-22

  • Functionality/Page: Meet our Greeters
  • Functionality/Page: Destination Highlights

Version 5 - 2017-04-28

  • Functionality: Manual feedback




2.1 Local Administrators

2.2 Greeters


3.1 Greeter Menu

3.2 General

3.2.1 Languages

3.2.2 Logo

3.2.3 Name of town

3.2.4 Name of country

3.2.5 Gallery title

3.2.6 BIO page

3.2.7 Highlights page

3.2.8 Adding your own menu item

3.3 Gallery (photos)

3.4 Social Media

3.5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.6 Testimonials – Feedback

3.7 Privacy Policy

3.8 Languages

3.9 Sponsors

3.10 Front page carousel




6.1 General Access

6.2 Local Admin

6.3 Greeters

6.4 All Greets

6.5 Un-Assigned Greets

6.6 Assigned Greets

6.7 Finalised Greets

6.8 Archived Greets


7.1 General

7.2 Adding an EXCISING language to your site

7.3 Adding a NEW language

7.4 Translating email notifications

7.5 Translating the labels on the image carousel

7.6 Forms

7.7 Pages and Posts

7.8 FAQs and Testimonials


8.1 General

8.2 How to update


9.1 General

9.2 Add a page to your main structure



1.1 System Overview

The Global Greeter Network foundation “Local Website” system allows local Greeter organisations to setup and maintain their own website and manage their Greeters, bookings and Greets.

It utilises automated technology that matches Visitors with Greeters based on certain criteria such as:

  • the Greeters availability to conduct the Greet at the requested date and time,
  • the languages the Visitor and Greeter speak, and
  • the special interest of both the Visitor and the Greeter .

The matching system is fully automated but can be overwritten by the local administrator / Destination Manager (DM) who can manually assign Greets to Greeters.

Greeters have the option of responding to automated notifications of new Greeter requests or manually assigning Greets to themselves directly from the local “notice board”.

Greeters are also able to manage Greets in terms of setting dates, times and meeting places. (DTPs).

1.2 Access Levels

Access to the system is restricted to defined users. The main users of the system include GGN Technical Support, Local Administrator (DMs) and Local Greeters and Visitors.

GGN Techs have access to the entire system depending on their status (which is outside the scope of this manual).

Destination Manager have access to the local site’s back-end where they can manage all local Greeters, local Greets and the local website itself.

Individual Greeters have access to the local noticeboard where they can assign any Greets to themselves, manage their own Greets and manage their profile.

Greeters can only access Greets and Visitor information that is assigned to them. Greeters can’t access or view other Greeter’s Greets or profiles.


2.1 Destination Manager

After you registered as a Local Greeter Organisation (LGO), you would have received some confirmation emails. One of these emails contains the login credentials to your Local Greeter website. These credentials include a:

  • link (URL) to your new site
  • link to your new site’s back-end login
  • user ID, and
  • password.

To log into your website’s back-end you simply follow the link provided, enter your user ID and password, click the Captcha tick box and click the “Log in” button.


After you have successfully logged in, you are ready to customise your website and start adding some Greeters.

2.2 Access to the system for Greeters

Greeters need to apply to become Greeters through their local website. Simply click on the “Become a Greeter” button on the home page and your Destination Manager will activate your profile as a Greeter.

Greeters can log in identically to Local Administrators above. The only difference is the source of the login details that are emailed to you. Greeter’s credentials will come from the local system and are issued by the DM. Other than that, the process is the same.


3.1 Greeter Menu

As a Local Administrator, your first action should be to “localise” your new site. The generic local website needs some customisation so it can be distinguished from all other local Greeter sites.

After you logged in, you simply look for the “Greeters” menu to the far left of your screen.


After you found it, click on it (or on the “Settings” sub-menu) and you will be taken to the main “Greeter Options” screen. You can now start your website’s customisation.

3.2 General

Here you will need to tell the system some of the things that will customise your local website.


3.2.1 Languages - The first thing you see on the screen is a list of languages. The website default language is English. If English is not your country’s first language then you may later consider translating your local website into your local language. However, you can do this later as we first want to set up your site’s variables.

3.2.2 Your Logo - you can upload your own logo.

We recommend that your logo is designed on a transparent background. For example, a .png or .gif image suits best but if you do not have a transparent background image then a .jpg on a white background should be OK.

Simply click on “Yes” and upload your image from your local computer. We strongly recommend that your image is 300 px wide by 50 px tall

If you do not have a logo or you are still developing one then that is OK too. The system will automatically create a logo for you which will look similar to this:


3.2.3 Name of Town - Next you need to fill in the name of your Town. The town you fill in here will be used extensively throughout the website including the logo above.

3.2.4 Name of Country - Next you need to fill in the name of your Country. The country you fill in here will be used extensively throughout the website including the logo above.

3.2.5 Gallery Title – this is where you will find the title right above the little pictures on your homepage. Once you have decided to have your website in other languages as well, you will need to translate this sentence. For now you can just leave it as it is.

3.2.6 Do you want to use a Greeter BIO page – the system offers you the possibility to add an extra line to the menu: "Meet our Greeters".

This option is turned off as default, by clicking the YES box you will enable this option.



  • When using this option, a picture of each Greeter will be shown on this page, but only if they uploaded a picture in the "Become a Greeter" form – otherwise an AVATAR will be shown.
  • A Greeter should write a short biography in their profile.
  • The name and the interests of the Greeter will also automatically show.

Read more about "Meet our Greeters" in this article...

3.2.7 Do you want to use the"Highlight" page – the system offers you a template where some of the highlights of your city will be shown in a defined grid.

This option is turned off by default, by clicking the YES box you will enable this option.


This option is connected to the front page carousel (the little pictures at the bottom and/or on the side of your webpages).

When you upload a picture for the carousel make sure you give the picture:

  • A short title
  • A short description
  • Do so in all languages you have enabled

You then need to click the “Save Changes”.

Read more about "City Highlights" in this article...

3.2.8 Do you want to add your own menu item

The menus of your local website are hard-coded for consistency purposes because all menu items were officially translated in the current endorsed languages. However, you may add a menu item and customise some of the top menu.

First, lets go to where we can add a menu label to our top menu. In the left WordPress menu in the back-end of your website, you will find Greeters >> Menu as illustrated below.


This will take you to the menu input page where you need to add your menu label and the link (URL) of the label as illustrated below.


Enter what you want the label to read and enter the link you want the label to point to; then click "Save Changes".

Now check it the menu item appears on your local website. You may need to refresh your browser for you to see the changes...


There are a few restrictions.

  • Your additional menu items can only be placed under the "About" header, and
  • We strongly recommend that you translate your label into the official languages endorsed by the GGN Foundation or as a minimum, the languages you selected on your local website.

3.3 Gallery

On the top tabs, you can now click on “Gallery” and the following screen should appear:


This is where you can edit the (big) banner on your homepage as well as the smaller photos that appear on both the homepage and other pages.

Homepage Banner

Here you need to upload you main banner image. It is recommended that this image represents your city (a picture tells a thousand words). It is also recommended that the photo is web maximised. This means that your photo should not be more than about 1 Mb. Your photo must be 2200 px by 500 px so you may need to crop your image before uploading.

Click ‘Insert to post’.

Don’t forget to “Save Changes”

Photos and pictures of you HIGHLIGHTS page

This is where you can upload the pictures that appear at the bottom of your homepage as well as on the side of other pages. The pictures will also be used if you choose the option "Do you want to use the "Highlights" page (see 3.2.8)

After clicking you will find a list of 6 or 7 pictures. Hovering over (e.g.) Your Town Sample 6 will give you the opportunity to click "Edit". Do so.


Click Remove featured image and the example picture will be gone.


Click Set featured image


And you will be asked either to UPLOAD FILE from your computer (‘click and drag’ will do) OR click MEDIA LIBRARY to choose any picture you have uploaded to your library


Example given: Upload a file from your computer:


  • You select the data file where your picture is (on your computer)
  • Click and drag the picture towards the centre of your screen
  • Click "Set Feature Image.

Now all you need to do is give your picture a title, write a short description about the picture and finally click UPDATE


REMEMBER: you have to give your picture a title and description in every language you have enabled!

AND don’t forget – always save the changes you have made!

3.4 Social Media

Here you simply fill in your links (e.g. /The-Hague-greeters/) to the social media listed. If you do not have the social media listed then simply leave these blank. If you DO NOT want a specific type of Social Media, you need to remove the text that is only put in as an example.


Your social media will appear on the front page of your website on the top blue bar. Don’t forget to “Save Changes” and have a look at your site to see what it looks like. If you do, make sure you refresh your screen so the saved changes will be visible.

3.5 FAQs

There are already some frequently asked questions listed on your new site. Add to them as they come to mind. Simply use the editor to add to the list.

Don’t forget to update your posts.

3.6 Testimonials


Visitors automatically receive a feedback request by mail, app. 48 hours after the Greet has been finished. If the visitors fills out this form and submits it, you – as administrator – will receive a notification by mail. In this mail you will have a link to the back-end of your website where you can read the feedback and simply click PUBLISH if you are OK with the content. The feedback will then be published on the front end of your website.


Sometimes visitors give their feedback to the Greeter by mail, or they send in feedback through the contact form on your website. You now may upload this feedback by using the MANUAL FEEDBACK opportunity, just follow these steps:



2) At the top of the page you will find the option to ADD NEW FEEDBACK, click this option.


3) You will now be forwarded to the FEEDBACK form in the front end of your website.

Fill out all the boxes as indicated and click SUBMIT


4) The feedback will now be listed in the back-end and all you have to do is click PUBLISH


5) The feedback should now be published in the FRONT END:


3.7 Privacy Policy

Your site comes with a standard Privacy Policy. You may want to consult a local lawyer to customise it or leave it “as is”.

GGN offers NO advice on legal matters.

3.8 Languages

The GGN “Local Website” system allows for an unlimited number of languages to be deployed. The site can be multilingual for both the Visitors as well as the system’s back-end.

The system comes in some pre-installed languages and more are planned as more users come on-board. At this point in time, the system supports English (default), and eight other languages while we are working on other languages as well.

You can add additional languages if you like.

This is done in 2 stages. Stage one includes enabling the new language by ticking it on the main Greeter Options >> General tab. After you ticked the additional language box, make sure to save your new setting.

You then need to open the “Language” tab and look for the language in the dropdown box that you just enabled. This will bring up all the main entries you need to translate. This includes:

  • Name of Town (enter the town’s name in the new language)
  • Name of Country (enter the country’s name in the new language)
  • Book a Greeter (for home page button)
  • Become a Greeter (for home page button)
  • All about (for home page button - also note you can leave the shortcode Global Greeter which will then automatically show the city in the appropriate language.

You have now translated the main website objects. However, stage 2 of the translation is more complex and is dealt with in LANGUAGES AND TRANSLATIONS

3.9 Sponsors

If you have some local sponsors then you can acknowledge them here. Sponsors can only be local business. Any international business sponsorship requires approval from the GGN-foundation. For example, your local bicycle hire place would be a good sponsor to get on board.

You can click on “Add New”, fill in a title and the link (URL) to your sponsor’s website and upload a 540 px by 195 px logo.

Your sponsor will then be part of a carousel on your front page


This is where you can add pictures to your website and give them a title. In the left hand menu you will find ‘IMAGES’.


To get you started we have already created 7 sample pictures - we have called them YOUR TOWN SAMPLE 1 to 7.

All you need to do is mouse over YOUR TOWN SAMPLE and a simple menu will appear. You choose edit and the image post will show as per the below graphic.


  1. Give your photo a title
  2. Upload your photo
  3. Give your photo a description - the story behind the photo
  4. Translate your title and description
  5. Update your post

Uploading pictures

You have two possibilities to upload files:

Select files

You can search your computer for pictures you want to upload.

Drop files anywhere you want

If you have a folder with your pictures in it, you can simply drag the pictures 1-by-1 to the indicated zone on your screen.

Don’t forget to save your pictures by clicking ‘Publish’!

Use the recommended size of the photos. for more information about your photos looking incorrect, please read this article "Aspect Ratios".


5.1 Signing up a new Greeter

After you have customised your local website, you can invite (potential) Greeters to sign up to the system. The Greeter just needs to fill out the “Become a Greeter” form and submit it. This will both notify you that a new Greeter has registered and it also notifies the Greeter about login credentials where he/she can edit his/her profile.

To manage Greeters, the Local Admin must be logged in as the Administrator. This can sometimes be confusing because Local Administrators are often also Greeters so they wear 2 hats so to speak. So make sure you are logged in with the appropriate credentials.

After logging in, you need to access the “Manage Greeter” Interface. You find this in the Greeter menu as depicted below...


The system created the Greeter profile which contains all the information required for matching the Greeter to any new Greet requests

The information in the form / profile is important because it will form the basis of the automated matching system. The criteria for this is mainly based on:

  • the availability of the Greeter
  • the language(s) the Greeter speaks, and
  • the Greeter’s interests

As a Local Admin, you do not have a lot of involvement in the maintenance of your Greeters. There are only a few functions you can perform, including:

  • viewing the list of all Greeters,
  • viewing individual Greeter profiles,
  • editing individual profiles, and
  • deleting individual profiles


6.1 General

Managing Greets is based on an automated process where the system looks at a new booking and tries to assign it to the most suitable Greeter. The automation is primarily done through email notification to the Visitor, the Greeter and the Local Admin.

When a Visitor books a Greet, the form they use contains a lot of questions about the Visitor’s preferences. This include Greet related information such as when the booking is for, the language spoken by the Visitor and their interests.

The system compares this data with the data it has stored about Greeters and subsequently tries to assign the Greet to the best suited Greeter.

6.2 Access

It is important to note that Greeters only have access to the “Noticeboard” and their own assigned Greets as well as their own profile.

Greeters cannot view, edit or delete other Greeter’s Greets or profiles.

Below are the tabs a Greeter has access to...


6.3 Local Admin

As a Local Admin, you can manually overwrite this system by assigning Greets to Greeters you determine to be appropriate. The first thing you need to do is log in as the Local Admin, find the Greeter menu on the far left and click on “Manage Greets” as depicted below.


You will then get to a list of all the Greets in the system. You can see that all these Greets are also broken into their relevant sections including:

  • Un-assigned Greets (the “Notice Board”),
  • Assigned Greets,
  • Finalised Greets, and
  • Archived Greets.

Below are the tabs the Local Admin has access to...


For easy recognition, the above sections are also colour coded.

6.4 Greeters

Greeters will have less access to data compared to the Local Admin.

6.5 All Greets

All Greets is just a list of all the Greets in the system. As a Local Admin you can quickly look up any specific Greets because you can sort the columns by clicking on the column headers.

Local Admin can:

  • View Details,
  • Assign / Unassign,
  • Delete, and
  • Archive Greets

6.6 Un-Assigned Greets

The un-assigned Greets are important because they contain Greet requests that are not yet matched to Greeters and therefore require timely action. As a Local Admin, you can assign Greets here manually. The main operations are:

  • View Details,
  • Un-assign,
  • Finalise, and
  • Delete Greets

As a local Admin, it would be prudent to look at the “Age of Request” column. You can sort the column by clicking on the header. This will quickly tell you which requests are older and need urgent action.

You can also click directly on the Visitor’s email if you need to correspond with them.

When you un-assign a Greet, it simply is moved back to the noticeboard for reassigning. This reassigning can be done by the Local Admin or any Greeter that looks at the Noticeboard.

6.7 Assigned Greets

After a Greet is assigned various emails will be send to notify all parties involved. The main action now is to create the Date, Time and Place (DTP) of the Greet. This is simply done by contacting the Visitor and arranging the DTP and subsequently putting these details in the system via the “Edit DTP operation”.


Here you fill out the actual date, time and meeting place of the Greet.


This information is then again emailed to the relevant parties with a follow up email just before the actual date of the Greet.

Under the “Assigned Greets” (Local Admin) or “My Greets” (Greeter) it is also possible to edit the DTP, View Details of the Greet as well as Finalise” the Greet.

Note that the "Meeting Place" must be an address as Google will show the Visitor on the map where the meeting place is. So try to avoid "In front of the big church" but rather state the full address of the church. For example, 1 Church Street My Town.

6.8 Finalised Greets

After the actual DTP has expired, the system will send several emails to the parties involved in the Greet. As a Greeter you will receive a reminder that you are required to “Finalise” your Greet.

All Finalised Greets will simply be listed under the “Finalised Greets” tab

6.9 Archived Greets

Sometimes Greets are not “Finalised” as per our normal interpretation of the word. Ie, The Greeter has done the Greet with the Visitor. Is some instances the Greet is just simply deleted which can occur when a Visitor cancelled the Greet or perhaps just not shows up.

In the above circumstances, the Greeter or Local Admin must pick the correct Finalisation category to ensure that statistic for all Greets are correct and accurate.

Only the Local Admin can Archive Greets.



7.1 General

The GGN-foundation Local Website System’s default language is English. However, the standard package is already programmed in several different languages including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Dutch.

If additional languages are required, then the GGN-foundation team can add these with the cooperation of a local administrator who is willing and able to translate the website’s contents. This makes the GGN Local Website System truly multi-lingual as the number of languages will grow.

7.2 Adding an existing language to your site

The first thing you need to do to add a language to your site is to enable the language in the back-end of your website. You can do this by looking in the left hand WP menu for Greeters >> Settings under the “General” tab.

There you will see the languages that are already translated or partly translated. All you need to do is simply tick the box in front of the language(s) you like to add and save the changes.


Your website is now available in the language(s) you enabled.

7.3 Adding a new language

The GGN Local Website System’s core contents is easily translated. These core snippets of data include things like your text buttons on the home page, your “Text Logo”, your city and country and other important information that is readily used throughout your website.

First tick the language you want to enable. If your specific language is not in the list then please contact the GGN team and they will add the language for you.

After you ticked the language, you need to open the “Language” tab where you see a drop-down box with all your enabled languages. From this box, pick the one you would like to translate.

Then proceed filling out the boxes translating the main contents snippets on your website.


When you come to translating “All about”, you can use the shortcode Global Greeter. This will place the contents on the “Name of Town” in place of the shortcode.


You can then finish the process by entering your local privacy policy translation. (Please note that minimum international privacy standards must be upheld irrespective of local laws).

7.4 Translating email notifications

After engaging your new language, you need to translate the email notification. This is important because Visitors and Greeters will receive their emails in a language based on the selections they made when they made a booking or registered.

First go to “Greeters” >> “Settings” >> “Notifications” where you find the “Languages” tab. Here you find a drop-down box containing all languages that are enabled.

Pick the language from this drop-down box and proceed to enter the translations into the Subject and Body.


Please note that you can use the same shortcode we use in the default English translation.

Translate all email notifications and click “Save Changes” when finished.

7.5 Translating the labels on the image carousel

The front page has an image carousel that has labels / titles displayed in the centre of each photo. These labels can be easily translated by going to:

“Setting” >> “Images”

You then edit the image in the same way you edit posts or pages by hovering the mouse over the image title and clicking on “Edit”.


You are now looking at a very simple post that only has 2 elements including a feature image and a title. Here we just want to edit the title.


You then click on the language tab at the top of the post just above the “Title” and proceed to fill in the appropriate translated title.

Don’t forget to save your translation!

7.6 Forms

Forms can only be translated by the GGN technical team as the task is complex. Contact us for assistance but in the interim, start translating the questions and descriptions.

7.7 Pages and Posts

To translate pages and posts you simply open the relevant page or post. For example, let's start with the home page.

Simple go to the left hand WordPress menu and find “Pages”. Then find the “Home Page” and edit it.

Select the country tab above the title; so if you want to translate to German, make sure the German tab is selected. The selected tab is darker in colour compared to the others.


You then start translating the page ensuring that the shortcodes are not changed in any way. Remember that shortcodes are snippets of data that will show up on your pages as predefined text. For example, where ever you use the shortcode Global Greeter it will actually show your town's name you entered in paragraph XXXXXXX

7.8 FAQs and Testimonials

Frequently asks Questions and testimonials are also post and are translated in an identical manner as we just did under Pages and Posts above.


8.1 General

We are constantly further developing and improving your website. We might add another language, add additional functionality, have the forms improved etc...

These improvements are tested on our "development" website. That is why improvements are not active on your local website until you are running the latest update of the website.

If a new update is available you will receive an email from our back office where we will tell you what update is available and what improvements have been made. You need to update your website yourself, taking some simple actions as described below.

There are three different types of updates:

1) Plugin updates

A Plugin is some software that helps doing the website what it needs to do. An example is the BOOK A GREETER form. The form is a plug in, we have developed a tailor made version for you website.

2) WordPress updates

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) of your website. It now is one of the most popular CMS' around the world. Your local website is configured to update WordPress automatically for smaller updates but larger updates need to be done manually.

3) Theme updates

A Theme is the version of the website where different packages of software collaborate so the front end ‘does what it needs to do’. Your local website is configured to update your theme automatically so you will always run the latest version.

8.2 Installing updates

On all Updates you go to the back end of your website and click the two arrows on the top of your DASHBOARD page


This will automatically look for any update available, no matter if it is a plug in, a theme or a WordPress update.

1) Plugin updates

Just follow the steps as shown in the pictures


All your plug ins will now be updated.

2) WordPress updates


After you have clicked UPDATE NOW, you will get to a confirmation screen, something like the one below.


And you can continue to go working on your website.

3) Theme updates


And you can continue to go working on your website


9.1 General

At the top of the homepage of your website you will find the main structure or menu. This menu the same for every destination that uses this website and consists of four ‘buttons’, see the picture. This main structure will always be visible, no matter what page you are looking at. Please see illustration.



This button will take you take to the Homepage of your website


This is was called a ‘pull down menu’ and gives you the opportunity to select one of the following pages:

  • About us
  • FAQ’s
  • Testimonials
  • What to expect
  • Highlights
  • Contact YOUR CITY Greeters

3) Global Greeter Network

This is also a ‘pull down menu’ and gives you the opportunity to select one of the following pages:

  • GGN website
  • Core values
  • Other destinations

4) The Global Greeter Network logo also is a link. The logo will lead you to the official GGN website:

9.2 Add a page to the button ABOUT YOUR CITY GREETERS

It is possible to add a page in the drop down menu of ABOUT YOUR CITY GREETERS.

Just follow the steps indicated.

Step 1) You are in DASHBOARD and click PAGES – ALL PAGES (1) and next click ADD NEW (2)


Step 2) After you have clicked ADD NEW, this is what you do:

  • Give your new page a name (Test page in the example)
  • You need not edit the content of your page yet. Just some test text is just fine.
  • Click PUBLISH


Step 3) COPY the permalink of your new page by selecting this with your mouse


Step 4) add the page to your menu


You are still in DASHBOARD and click in the left hand menu GREETERS – MENUS:

You now can actually add the page by


2) Add NAVIGATION LABEL (this is the PAGE TITLE of the page you created)

3) Copy in the PERMALINK


4) Don’t forget to SAVE CHANGES!

The page you have just created (Test-page) will now appear in the structure under ABOUT YOUR CITY GREETERS


  • GGN - Global Greeter Network
  • WP - WordPress
  • LGO - Local Greeter Organisation
  • DTP  -The Date, Time and Place of the Greet
  • FAQs  -Frequently Asked Questions
  • Visitor  -The person experiencing the Greet (the guest)
  • Destination Manager - Local Admin  - The person responsible for the local Greeter organisation and in control of the local website.
  • Greeter  -The person delivering the Greet
  • Greet  -The process where a Greeter shows a Visitor some of the Greeter’s city
  • Booking  -The process where a Visitor requests a Greet
  • Notice Board - The online list of Greets that will need to be assigned to Greeters


GGN Advisory Committee

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

GGN Advisory Committee

GGN Advisory Committee

As part of the GGN Foundation's restructuring, we recognise that stakeholder inclusion and involvement is the driver that keeps the Greeter concept alive... Getting input and guidance from the Greeter community is vital to success. However, this is not always easy to achieve for a “not for profit” organisation. It is for this reason that the Global Greeter Network (GGN) Foundation proposes to establish a GGN Advisory Committee that will be responsible for contributing to the policies and processes as well as the strategic direction of the GGN Foundation. The GGN Advisory Committee will be self-governed and independent from the GGN Foundation.

Who is on the Committee

The GGN Advisory Committee will consist of 15 volunteers from the Greeter Community. This includes Greeters and Destination Managers and perhaps Visitors that are committed to the Foundation's mission which is "making the world a better place; one Greet at the time...". Of course we are looking for some geographical and cultural spread.

Setting up and running it

It is not always easy to start something new. This is especially true with committees run by volunteers. The GGN Foundation will therefore assist in:

  • An Expression of Interest (EOI) system where potential Committee Members can apply to be on the Committee
  • Provide an initial Constitution that can be changed at the discretion of the Committee once established
  • Provide a virtual meeting space
  • Assist in organising an annual conference
  • Contribute financially where it can

The initial GGN Advisory Committee will be formed from those who expressed interest in a position on the Committee who then in a collaborate process will vote for the initial 15 Committee Members.

The Committee's Role

Once the Committee is established, the GGN Foundation will step back and let the Committee Members determine the constitution and rules of the Committee. However, the role of the Committee is to provide guidance and advice to the foundation and to select among its Committee Members two (2) directors that will be invited on the GGN Foundation's Board of Directors.

How do I apply?

If you think you have the time and the commitment to serve on the GGN Advisory Committee then please apply by filling out the below form.

So get involved and utilise your skills and talents to make the world a better place; one Greet at the time…


Contact Form

Feel free to send us your remarks and/or questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Volunteer Oppertunities

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Global Greeter Network Volunteers Needed

The Global Greeter Network Foundation is a "not for profit" organisation with one goal in mind. "To make the world a better place; one Greet at the time..."

To achieve this, we simply need to grow. However, growth comes with additional responsibilities, duties and a lot of hard work. We are therefore always looking for enthusiastic volunteers that can assist in a wide range of tasks.

At this point in time, the GGN is looking to recruited 3 key volunteer appointments.

Newsletter Editor

The newsletter editor will be managing the GGN newsletter. Part of this position is the collection, collation and editing of suitable material and contents for our newsletter. Some of the newsletter's contents is translated from different languages so the ability to interpret meaning and intent is essential. Further, the Newsletter Editor is also  involved in actively sourcing new and exciting stories from around the world so the ability to liaise with authors is important.

We are looking for someone with some experience in the publishing field and a good command of the English language. A knowledge of WP will be handy but not necessary as technical training will be provided.

The GGN uses MailPoet newsletter software...

Forum Moderators

Forum Moderators will be responsible for the general management of the GGN forum. We need moderators at several levels and in several areas. However, the main priority is to find an enthusiastic volunteer to take on a leading role. This means advising the GGN board of improvements, requirements and suggestions to develop and maintain a forum for both Visitors (open forum), Greeters as well as Destination Managers (closed forum). Naturally, forum moderators must apply their common sense to contents that is posted on the forum and deal with inappropriate contents in a friendly, constructive but authoritative manner.

The GGN uses bbPress forum software.

Social Media Coordinator

The social media coordinator’s role will be essential to the success of the GGN vision. The Greeter concept lends itself very well to modern communication and sharing of information through the established social media networks.

We are looking for an outgoing bubbly socialite that is in a position to “own” this part of the marketing strategy.

Greeters Volunteer Agreement

Our Vision

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Time stands still for no men and time certainly has passed since the Greeter concept was first conceived in the early 1990s. The Global Greeter Network Foundation is always calibrating its policies and processes to see if they are still relevant and up to date. In light of this, we reassessed the foundations Vision and Mission and developed relevant objectives and strategies to get where we want to go...

We currently have our "one size fits all" Core Values which are a great set of guiding principles that are particularly relevant when it comes to the interaction between Visitors and Greeters. These values have worked well for the Greeter concept in the past but as the foundation is rapidly growing, these core values do not precisely hit the mark on a foundation level. This is because the Foundation must take a helicopter view of the Greeter concept and primarily deals with Greeters and Destination Managers. So we thought it was time to seriously start thinking about what the GGN Foundation stands for...

The Vision

After long deliberation, the Foundation's board decided to put forward the following Vision:


"To make the world a better place; one Greet at the time..."


This vision is based on blue-sky thinking and underpinned by the fact that every Greet facilitates a positive interaction between people from different cultures, lifestyles, religious backgrounds or age and therefore creates understanding, empathy and mutual trust and respect.

The Mission

So then we though; what do we need to do as a "not for profit" Foundation to achieve this vision. The obvious answer is growth. If one Greet makes the world a better place then naturally 100 Greets will be even better...

So the GGN Foundation's mission is to:

  1. Expanding the number of Greeter destinations around the world and developing better support systems,
  2. Ensure the Greet experience is safe and pleasant by standardising processes and meeting global quality control standards,
  3. Seek partnerships with organisations that can assist in adding value to the Greeter concept, and
  4. Creating an inspiring working environment where the values that apply to the Greeter concept also apply to our staff and stakeholders.

The Foundation's Values

We talked about "Core Values" and how these have served Greeters well over the past decades. However, because these core values are Visitor - Greeter focused, we needed to establish some values that are more "Foundation" focused. We came up with the following four values the GGN Foundation sees as extremely important:


We strongly believe that the Greeter concept will make the world a better place; one Greet at the time… Greeters and visitors don't wait for a better world to come along but they make the effort to create one.


Greeters and Visitors come from all 4 corners of the world and they represent diversity not just in cultural background but also of different ages, gender or race. Diversity leads to inclusion which makes greeters and visitors feel valued and respected.


Since we are all a reflection of our community improving the world starts with us. Great opportunities to improve the world seldom come around but small once surround us every day. These small acts multiplied by many will change the world.


Don’t forget to have a good time and you will be the reason someone smiles today.

Strategic planning

We then decided to develop some objectives to achieve our mission and we set out some strategies to manage these objectives. These objectives and strategies are available for those wanting more details but needless to say, they all work towards realising our vision.

Core Values

In order to maximise the uptake of the GGN's core values, we thought is was time to re-assess these as well. You may say; "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" and you may be right. However, after a lot of feedback from  a younger demographic among both Visitors and Greeter, it was suggested to modernise the terminology and making it more relevant to its purpose. Which in essence is a promise by a Greeter to adhere to certain values and standards.

So we though, if this a more a promise; lets call it "The Greeter Promise". As you will see, the core values are very much incorporated into the promise. However, it all comes back to our shared vision. Making the world a better place; one Greet at the time.

The Greeter’s promise

As a Greeter, I promise to make the world a better place; one Greet at the time, by:

  • Offering a friendly face for those visiting my area,
  • Welcoming individuals or small groups of up to six people,
  • Volunteering and not to charge for the Greet experience,
  • Welcoming visitors without any kind of discrimination,
  • Supporting sustainable tourism,
  • Respecting natural and man-made environments,
  • Bringing both cultural and economical enrichment to my community,
  • Create a lasting positive image of my area, and
  • Encouraging a mutually enriching opportunity for cultural exchange and bringing people together.

So, there we are... Some proposals that we would love your comments on irrespective if you are a Visitor, a Greeter or a Destination Manager.