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If you have any news to report about the Global Greeter Network or have a good story to tell then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also looking for editors with a flare for content management...

ggn secure sites

How ssl certificates works

We received some feedback from destination managers about the privacy of data whilst using our forms. Although this was highlighted ...
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start your own greeter destination

Start a Greeter destination

Often a new Greeter destination is started after a visitor (you?) experienced a Greet themselves. And this could be a ...
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GGN way forward

Moving Forward

What is going on with the Global Greeter Network? Two websites??? Proposed annual fees??? We really need to share how ...
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GGN Gender Equality

Gender: to ask, or not to ask?

After receiving some feedback from several Destination Managers, Greeters and Visitors, the issue of Gender in the context of data ...
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Greeters menu banner

New Menu

Just a quick one. We have rearranged the GGN menu in the left column of your WordPress site. Noting too ...
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