Nancy Greeters


Nancy used to be the capital of the dukes of Lorraine, in east of France. One of the most beautiful royal “place” in Europe is in Nancy! It belongs to the royal ensemble of the 18th century that is on the Unesco’s World Heritage List. But Nancy is also famous for its many Art Nouveau facades decorated with plant-inspired design. Nancy Greeters are local volunteers who welcome tourists as they would their own guests, taking them on a two-hour tour of their personal highlights of their home town.
The program is coordinated by Nancy Tourisme, the tourist office of Nancy.
each Greeter will take you for a walk revealing a different facte of Nancy: city stroll, parks and gardens, industrial heritage, Nancy by night, bike ride, sportive walk, Art nouveau . . . . . There are so many diffrenet ways to discover Nancy as there are Greeters!

Nancy Greeters are waiting for you to share their passion of their city! Do not hesitate any longer. Just register on our website and meet them!


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