Bilbao Greeters

Bilbao – Basque Country, Spain. - Be our friend! -

Wheather you are visiting Bilbao on business, touring, or to see friends, we are looking forward to meet you and share some time with you in Bilbao.  While strolling through Bilbao, a city with lots of corners to discover, you will see an interesting old quarter, an outstanding urban expansion area from the beginning of the 20th century, and an estuary with a long history and now the center of the postindustrial Bilbao.

A stroll through Bilbao is hardly complete without discovering one of our most popular customs which enhances sociability: the “txikiteo” or “poteo”, going from bar to bar having txikitos, - tiny glasses of wine – and pintxos, - appetisers – in each one and having a good time.

But Bilbao’s main value lies in the openness and good-natured attitude of its people, the traditional hospitality of its people, and the strong sense of pride of the “Bilbainos”, local citizens.

Are you curious about the city of Bilbao, its atmosphere, the culture and local traditions of it's people, the Basque language, the excellent food, and so on? Then, come and


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