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Vranje Greeters

Vranje is a historically and culturally important city located in the Pcinja District in southeast Serbia.

The city is home to many of the country's oldest and most significant historical monuments and religious buildings, including Prohor Pcinjski Monastery, Pasha’s house, White bridge and Holly Trinity church.

Today, Vranje features as an eclectic mix of cultures, histories, and architecture, highlighting the city's transition from medieval to the Ottoman period, and from communist Yugoslavia to modern Serbia.

Visitors can schedule a meeting with one of our Greeters to explore the sites, cafés, and streets of the city, learn about the long and fascinating history of this part of Serbia, and understand the people and cultures that make Vranje today and eat like a local because Vranje has a specific cuisine. And listen to the Vranje music as important culture heritage in many kafana’s.

Vranje Greeters offer a warm welcome and a knowledgeable friend to enhance your visit!