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Milan is a unique city with so many differences united in this one metropole! Elegant, full of life and a variety of cultures, modern and ancient at the same time, but utterly beguiling.

Milan is a world-beater on the international fashion stage and interior design, the main innovations start in in our city, and . . . our typical cuisine it’s absolutely fabulous and will amaze you.

We are the banking capital of Italy ad have a vibrant university life. The wealth in the city attracts numerous glamorous people who you might run into in one of the stylish shopping streets, or in one of the beautiful galleries that are stuffed with priceless artworks. Milan is also history, architecture and arts. The majestic Duomo and its “ piazza", the ancient churches, medieval castles, Renaissance palaces and amazing contemporary architecture to admire.

But Milan doesn’t exhibit its gems, Milan is asking you to discover these gems. And this is something you can do with your Greeter that will take you to the little streets full of surprises and give you the opportunity to appreciate all its charm and beauty.