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Entering our country from Poland, you will automatically run into Brest with the railway station that connects the West and the East. The former principal western gate of the Soviet Union has become the principal gate of East Europe.

Brest, also known as Berestie, Brest-Litovsk, Brest-on-the Bug is on the threshold of its 1000th anniversary and has só many highlights to show the world. Our fascinating nature, our history and culture. And above all the generous and open hearts of the people living in Brest!

Of course you should visit the world-famous protected forest Belovezhskaya Pushcha where powerful bisons are wandering in the shadows. Find out why Brest was once called ‘Belarusian Venice’ with high churches and openwork bridges. And how about the renowned Brest Hero Fortress, or the many sacred objects here honored by Orthodox believers, Catholics and Jews – Brest is a true melting pot!

And don’t miss your chance to take a picture with our old school lamplighter or stroll along the Avenue of Lights where you will find various characters and images from literature.

So many things to enjoy – but most of all: enjoy meeting one of the inhabitants, willing to show you the highlights as well as the hidden treasures. Visit our website and Book a Greeter!