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Welcome Milan Greeters

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Milan Greeters

The GGN Welcome Milan Greeters... You probably know Milan for it's fashion, car factories and opera but did you know you can also discover Milan's hidden treasures through Milan Greeters?

Milan Greeters was established in February this year and has already done several Greets. The Greeters who are all volunteers, are ready to connect with you through their website and happy to show you some of Milan's hidden treasures through one of the tours provided.

All you have to do is fill out the BOOKING FORM and no matter if you are by yourself or with a group of 6 visitors, Milan Greeters  will do it's very best to find you a Greeter that suits your needs best. This means we will try to find you a Greeter that is able to communicate with you in one of your preferred languages, knows their personal stories about the areas of interest you have and suits your day and time of arrival.

Of course one of the Milan Greeters can show you one of the highlights of Milan. They know stories about the tramway that might be new to you. Or tell you something about the Teatro Alla Scala you may never have found out about?

What Greeters really like is to share information, not just talk to you, but talk with you. So they will not be the only ones to be talking, you are invited to tell your story as well! Greeters is very much about intercultural exchange but also (very important indeed) to have some fun.

You want to know more about small markets, or maybe special architecture, what place you will get the best bargains? Talk with your Greeters, maybe even while you are having a espresso or cappuccino in the cafe the Greeter frequently goes to in the morning?

Welcome Kyoto Greeters

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

The GGN likes to Welcome Kyoto Greeters. Kyoto Japan Greeters Banner

In March this year a group of enthusiastic friends decided to start Kyoto Greeters. As one of them said: "The image of Japan in the minds of visitors could be far from reality. People still seem to think Kyoto is the city where samurais and Ninjas are hiding in the shadows. And even though this is not the truth, some parts of this image still remain in our completely modernised life. We very much appreciate our history and culture and like to share our stories with our guests."

There are so many different concepts coexisting in Japan; for example “modernity and history”, “Japanese and Chinese” or “nature and human”.  This situation stems from the Japanese history where the island of Japan is geographically isolated whilst trying to learn from other countries. The history gives Japan a uniqueness and harmony. Kyoto Greeters is very much willing to share these concepts in an unique way. For example, by pointing out a modern tea-house, tell you about the way locals experience the royal family and what it is like to live on an island.

All Greeters agree Kyoto is a wonderful city to experience Japanese culture and are willing to help you discover the uniqueness of the city. Kyoto Greeters are really looking forward to meeting you in Kyoto!