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If you have any news to report about the Global Greeter Network or have a good story to tell then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also looking for editors with a flare for content management...

global greeters statistics

Who is Visiting your GGN Free Website?

Web Stats for your GGN free website So there you are, looking at your booking requests and thinking, "What traffic ...
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GGN feedback Improvement

Feedback Notification

We are always happy, in fact delighted,  to look at suggestions from Destination Managers (DMs), Greeters and Visitors to improve ...
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GGN Website user manual

Local Greeter Website User Manual

The local GGN website user manual is a quick reference that allows you to quickly get familiar with your local ...
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GGN Manual Feedback Functionality

Manual Feedback Functionality

Your GGN website already has a fully automated feedback function. Your visitors are emailed an invitation at the completion of ...
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GGN Foundation Advisory Committee

GGN Advisory Committee

GGN Advisory Committee As part of the GGN Foundation's restructuring, we recognise that stakeholder inclusion and involvement is the driver ...
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